In April of 2001, I spent a week at the Grand Canyon. Got in several hikes but mostly was just in awe of the splendor of nature that the Grand Canyon represents.

The Grand Canyon was formed by two continental plates colliding and the earth being pushed up. The Colorado River cut into the rock and over time as the rock was lifted up, the river just cut deeper and deeper until we have what we see today.

While I was there, I took in three Ranger presentations. By far the best one was a slide show. The presenter was one of three people in a party that traversed the Grand Canyon east to west along, get this, the NORTH side of the river (where there are no trails). They went about 100 miles in six weeks. Constantly fighting water (ie making sure to have enough of it). They could always hike down to the river but that invariably was a several difficult hours exercise. However, the pictures they took were just incredible. It's a 45 minute show and well worth the effort.